What’s important?

My grandson, Matt, just put together a little piece that is worth sharing. I love it when God gives him word pictures and Matt expresses the purpose so clearly. Matt has recently added painting planks of wood and strips of metal to his hobby of making fine writing instruments and pocket knives. Thus his painting on the piece of wood.

This is from Matt today:

Love this piece because it just reminds me of the way bison live. A simple life.

I was watching some bison the other day close to campus and God just really spoke. There’s this one albino bison in the herd and he’s often left alone by the others. But it didn’t bother him. It’s almost as if he didn’t care. But it wasn’t that he didn’t care – he just didn’t care about worthless things, he cared about what mattered. He was focused on food. He was focused on his own walking and running.

How often do I care about worldly things that just simply don’t matter and desire to be in the herd over everything else? What matters is the food. Your daily bread from God’s word. What matters is my own walk. MY relationship with the Lord. Sure, I can look at others’ walks with the Lord, but what good does that do me?

Focus on your own walk today, focus on the food, and don’t be discouraged if you’re left out of the herd at times. Live the life of the albino bison.

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